customized ring with 2 rows of diamondsYou’ve met the right match…found the ideal mate. Now what? Next you have to find the right moment to pop the question. How do you make your proposal as flawlessly perfect as the diamond that represents it?

We will uncover many tried-and-true tips to make this important experience one of the best of both your lifetimes. What makes a proposal special? Making the one you love feel that they are the light of your life…above and beyond all others.

Before you begin—sit down and think…What are the Rules of Engagement?

Do you know the answer to the question: will she or won’t she?

As much as she probably wants the proposal to be a surprise… you should know be able to have a good answer to this question. Have you two discussed plans for the future? Make sure that you both share the same vision otherwise your surprise may come undone.

What about her taste or style?

She may know all the brands you like from beer to barbeques and cars to video games but do you know which designs of styles she prefers? If you are unsure, take her out for a little window shopping.

Listen to her likes and dislikes and if you know she is very particular perhaps using a relatives (great grandmother or great aunt Sophie’s ring will suffice) on the day that you propose…after all in Annie get your Gun it was a cigar band! Then the two of you can shop for exactly what she wants together!

Location, Location, Location

Is there a special place that the two of you have? Go there.. Want to make it a meaningful experience, thinking of going somewhere extreme, skiing to the top of a mountain, scuba diving at the bottom of the sea? Might be better for a honeymoon locale instead of a proposal. Go somewhere you are comfortable. Make the moment an occasion that she will never forget.

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Mother may I?

Speak to her family before you plan on proposing. Have a conversation with her parents telling them of your intentions. This may seem old-school for some but I can assure you they will think this extraordinarily honorable. This is a tradition that exists in many cultures around the world and has been around since Egyptian times, so don’t knock down tradition.

Pop the Question & Celebrate

Ok. Take a deep breadth, get on one knee, look into her eyes, let her see and feel how much you care for her, and slowly say, “Will You Marry Me?” Listen to her response… It’s guaranteed to be a tear jerker! Once she utters YES! Pop the cork from the champagne and celebrate for this will truly be one of the happiest days of your life.

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