Casual Friday

dress down day

A great rule that a lot of companies have is the casual Friday rule. During the week you are required to dress to impress. Shoes should be shinned, suits should be pressed, your button down shirt should be in pristine condition.

Your hair is nicely cut and no 5 o’clock shadow. Once Friday comes, you can trade in your nicely creased pants for a pair of jeans and that button down shirt no longer has to be tucked in.

So what is the point of today’s post? Some of you guys sometimes take casual Friday to casual and will come into work as if you either got dressed in the dark or you have lost all common sense because it’s Friday. Well not to worry as we look at some examples and I give you some rules to the do’s and don’ts about casual Friday.

1. Don’t wear baggy jeans. One of the mistakes that some guys might do is wear their favorite (old) pair of jeans which probably has rips and stains and does not look professional in any way.

Stick to a dark and clean pair of denim that you can match up with a pair of loafers or shoes. Dark denim can sometimes be passed on as black trousers. Make sure your jeans sit on your waist correctly and if they don’t WEAR A BELT! Nobody wants to see your pants hanging and you knickers being shown.

2. When it comes to wearing sneakers some might say that you should never wear sneakers on casual Friday. Personally, I think it really depends on what kind of sneakers you are wearing. I would suggest stick to solid colored sneakers that don’t pass the ankle. Keep your 1960’s vintage high top for the club.

Don’t wear sneakers that are loud in color or have huge logos on them. Make sure they are clean and wear the appropriate socks. Flip flops are never ok unless your company celebrates Flip Flop Day which then it should be ok.

3. If you choose to not wear a button down shirt on Friday that is perfectly fine. Switch it up with a polo or a nice pattern button down shirt that you don’t have to tuck in. Keep in mind that whatever top you select make sure that it is nicely ironed and stain free.

Don’t wear a baggy shirt and make sure that it is fitted to your body build. Coordinate your shirt with your pants. You must remember that even though it is causal Friday you still have a company to represent so look your best. Don’t wear sports team shirts, loud shirts like Hawaiian shirts or stained shirts.

4. Your hairstyle should pretty much stay the same as always, but if you are looking to experiment with a different look Friday is the best day to try it. Now don’t go to crazy and start coloring your hair, you still have to be at work on Monday. Maybe apply less gel or wax than you normally apply and let your hair do it’s thing or if you can you can do the hairline split kind of like Mad Men.

Below we have uploaded some images of what is appropriate to wear on a casual Friday. Hopefully it helps. Remember just because it has the word casual it doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want. Always keep in mind, dress to impress.