Men’s Engagement Rings

mens wedding bands

Men’s engagement rings gained lot recognition after the rise of double ring ceremonies, throughout World War 2. Today, men’s engagement rings are the most popular development among new couples. These beautiful rings are worn as a token of devotion and commitment.

Men’s engagement rings symbolize their forthcoming marriage. Usually, male’s engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger, till the wedding day. Some males put on engagement rings even after marriage.

Male’s engagement rings chosen should match the taste and magnificence of the person carrying them. They need to be more durable, light, and sturdy than girl’s engagement rings.

Male’s engagement rings are available in white or yellow gold, silver, platinum, or titanium. Platinum and titanium are commonly used, as these metals are extremely durable and scratch free. The primary disadvantage of silver male’s engagement rings is that they tarnish easily.

A mixture of metals may also be used in male’s engagement rings. A two-tone male’s engagement ring is the one that combines two kinds of gold (largely, yellow and white gold) whereas a 3-tone men’s engagement ring has a superb blend of three gold varieties (yellow, white and rose gold).

Different metallic alloys may also be used to make intricate patterns on male’s engagement rings. Plain stable bands, milgrain, hammered, and hand-braided types are generally utilized in male’s engagement rings.

Although easy and plain engagement rings look extra masculine, some male’s engagement rings feature colored gems and diamonds. Textured rings are additionally of nice demand.

Men’s wedding ceremony sets come with gorgeous men’s engagement rings and wedding rings. These rings are single metallic bands, which will be soldered and worn together after marriage. Moreover, a pair of matching male’s and women’s engagement rings is a perfect choice.