What Type of Jewelry Goes Nicely With Radiants?

Have you ever wanted to surprise your partner with a gift but had no clue how to do it? It’s even harder when that surprise is an engagement ring.

Most diamond shapes are rather versatile pieces of jewelry. The same applies for the radiant cut as well. While it cannot be considered a top choice for rings, earrings or necklaces, it still cannot be considered a rarity.

Quite the contrary, a nicely cut radiant diamond can become a brilliant top feature for an engagement ring. When setting it on a ring, it is highly recommended to use a four-pronged attachment for a secure placement.

When it comes to settings consisting of multiple stones, it also makes an interesting combination with almost any other shapes of diamonds. This is all thanks to the combination of excellent brilliance and its transitional shape between a square and a sphere. Three radiant cut diamonds can often be seen in three-stone settings. In such a setting, they might easily turn out as better than the emerald cut triads.

These designs are guaranteed to get noticed anywhere and they stand out even in a company of astonishing traditional rings.

Radiant Cuts vs. The Generic Ideal Cut Round

In an effort to stand and differentiate itself from the other labs, the American Gem Society applied stricter standards for cut grading. In order for a diamond to get its top cut grade of (AGS 000), these stones must possess ideal symmetry. Interestingly, the ideal level is meant to be a step above GIA Excellent.

The reason for the higher pricing is due to the extra craftsmanship and cutting away of additional rough stone to create the perfect hearts and arrows patterning you see in ideal cut round diamonds.

Armed with this information, you can now head to a jewelry store and begin your search.